All sessions include various & visceral delivery styles including: visual PowerPoint slides, DVD videos, collateral samples, personal stories, interactive examples, industry statistics, recommended resources and an interactive handout.  
Sessions will require a lavalier/lapel mic, DVD player, a quality sound/speaker system and computer access to Internet.
Any of these subjects can be delivered as a 75-90 minute keynote speech or presented in a 3 hour workshop format. 


CULTURE THAT ROCKS: How to Amp Up or Revolutionize a Company’s Culture

This session is Jim’s most-requested topic. It focuses on those individuals, departments or companies who are charged with creating, maintaining or revolutionizing an organizational culture. The session delves into every area of a company environment and then reveals realistic solutions for systemic change. Topics covered will include: Definition of Culture, Heritage vs. Culture, 3C Employees, Designing Cultural Collateral, Effective OnBoarding Processes, Virtuous vs. Vicious Cycles, Leadership Rock Stars, Employee Engagement and Philanthropy. Attendees will also learn how comic books, Star Trek and the spirit of Rock ‘n Roll can completely alter a company’s culture. Regardless of the company’s cultural history or status, this session will inspire those in attendance to take up the challenge of enhancing their organizational environment.


SERVICE THAT ROCKS: How to Create a Differentiated Experience to Deliver Sustainable Results

This high-energy session pertains to any company involved in providing a product or service. Since every company has competitors, the focus of this interactive and visual session is how to differentiate your organization from the rest to become the business & employer-of-choice. Topics covered will include: Creating a Differentiated Experience, Avoiding Acceptable Mediocrity, Becoming Guest Obsessed, Creating Raving Fans, 4-Letter Words, Building Mental Shelf Space, Increasing Value Proposition and how ice cream, rock concerts and West Side Story can blow peoples’ minds.


HIRING THAT ROCKS: How to Build an Iconic Team

This session is effectively designed to highlight best practices to create and maintain a strong internal employee culture. Knowing that the Millennials & Digital Natives are the future talent pool for most industries, there are some key strategies that can be used to tap into and develop that workforce. Jim will discuss ways to create, maintain or revive a desired employee environment, regardless of the current state of the state. Topics covered will include: The Employee Life Cycle, Identifying 3C Employees, Hiring & Retaining Rock Stars, Designing Collateral (Print, Job Aides, Video, Technology, Social Media), The Power of Storytelling, Creating an Army of Giants, The Emotional Bank Account, Mentorship & Development, and Philanthropy.


PERFORMANCE THAT ROCKS: Managing Your Brand Ambassadors

This session is focused on employee and manager “performance management”. During this holistic class, Jim will share philosophical approaches to managing & measuring performance, but also provide specific tools that have delivered proven & effective results. The time allotted gives attendees unprecedented exposure to industry-recognized training & development concepts created by and discovered from Jim’s time working in Hospitality – networking with other industries & brands. Effective ideas will be shared in almost every training area, including New Hire Orientations, Print Materials, Video Production, eLearning Initiatives, Social Media, Management Programs, Performance Appraisals, Development Plans, Succession Planning, Instructor-led Training, Communication and Leadership.


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